« Termo-Shape for Men » Weightloss & Against Cellulite

« Termo-Shape for Men » Weightloss & Against Cellulite

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🔴 Lose weight and fight against cellulite without exertion
❗️ Already more than 3000 adepts of “Termo Shape”

✅ Allows for lose weight and cellulite without exertion to everyday life
✅ Blatant results after 10 days.
 Releases toxins by sweating

  • LOSE WEIGHT EASILY -  The tank top is completely closed in the back. This allows you to eliminate the toxins present in your body by sweating.

  • TRIPLE LAYER - This tank top is neoprene with a triple layer. The first layer makes you sweat, the middle layer absorbs humidity and  the third evacuates sweat.
  • BEAUTIFUL POSTURE -  with this tank top, your back will be supported to relieve pain and adjust the posture. In addition, you will reduce your waistline (around 2 to 8 cm) with regular sports.
  • TO USE EVERYWHERE – this tank top suit is ideal for use during your workout but also at work or at home.

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